About us

As a spiritual seeker, where do you go online for information? There are lots of so-called spiritual websites out there, but how many of them speak of Absolute Truth? How many of them even mention God by name?

We’re building a super simple website to find spiritual information, with a 24×7 chat to answer questions and guide visitors to enlightenment. Behind our simple front, we’re gathering the most important spiritual material available, leaving behind the cruft of pseudo spiritualism.

Our idea from day one was based around decentralised collaboration. We collect data from devotees on the principle of “sharing is caring,” and share the information forward in turn. It goes into our database and out again, into the cloud, backed up and synced to all our editors locally.

It should be possible to fit the archive on a hard drive, USB stick or Raspberry Pi, for easy distribution and operation. A small device with a full archive of the most important information for the next 10,000 years.