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Open Source. Multilingual. Multi-site. GitHub. Backup.

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Introduction & philosophy

Distributed Archive and Online Publishing with collaboration between many.

  • Open source, free, customisable, well-researched and developed
  • Can be used for about anything useful in terms of documentation
  • Future-proof, via a distributed model where everyone has a backup

Built with technology and services:

  • ComboStrap for web markup, with templates and iteration
  • DokuWiki for web publication and online collaboration
  • DigitalOcean for servers and app infrastructure
  • GitHub collaboration for editors and contributors
  • Files in folders, no easier system to work from

Quick overview of D.A.S.™

  • Documents are stored as plain.txt in a folder system, on server and locally.
  • Media, likewise, is stored in folders, in their native formats, eg. .jpg, .pdf, etc.
  • Simple wiki syntax for **bold**, //italic//, [[link]] and ((footnote)).
  • You don’t need coding skills to contribute, just a computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Fetch new documents, edit, sync back to source, everyone gets the same archive.
  • Edit documents directly in your favourite text editor on your computer.
  • We collaborate on ONE SOURCE, where everyone can contribute.
  • In turn, everyone has an equal and complete backup of the source.
  • Internet down? No problem. Keep working offline until it is back up.
  • We want to translate into many languages. This is a pressing matter.